Lower back pain

Back problems

Nothing is more annoying than back pain. Especially low back pain is very common, almost everyone has to deal with it at least once. You may recognize it: low in your back it feels stiff and rigid, or you have a spit attack, a hernia, osteoarthritis, or sciatica. Chiropractic is a very effective way of treating the pain in your back

Types of back pain

There are various causes for back pain. To determine the cause of the pain, Dr. First ask Asha what type of pain it is: do you have constant pain in one place, is it more spread out, or is it radiating to other parts of the body?

Causes back pain

The cause of low back pain is not always clear. Sometimes it is because you have made a wrong move, lifted something wrong, have a wrong sitting position, or you have overloaded your back. But pregnancy, obesity and overweight breasts can also cause low back pain.

Looking at the persistent problems, we also see lumbago, a hernia, sciatica and osteoarthritis as common causes of back pain. Spit is one of the most common forms of sudden pain in your back. Spit can shoot into your back from wrong movement, or from getting up too quickly after bending over.

Chiropractic and back pain

Dr. Asha specializes in treating lower back pain, also known as low back pain. For example, she first investigates the cause of low back pain. Once the cause has been determined, she can start her treatment to relieve the pain. This is done without medication and / or surgery. It can also contribute to prevent any further damage. After all, you don’t want your low back pain to damage your spine and nerves! Chiropractic is a good solution for your low back pain. For example, research has shown that chiropractic gives better results for people with low back pain than traditional care. This applies to the end result as well as to safety, efficiency, costs and patient satisfaction.

How does Chirowell treat your low back pain?

During your first appointment at Chirowell, Dr. Asha goes directly into the depths with you to identify the possible causes of your low back pain. Together you go through the three steps.

  1. The intake
  2. Physical examination
  3. Start of chiropractic treatment

These three steps are necessary to really help you and ultimately alleviate your pain symptoms. In many cases, Dr. Asha combines various techniques to create the best effect. However, this completely depends on your complaints. After all, no body is the same and everyone responds differently to the treatments.

Make an appointment today to treat your back pain

To prevent further damage to your spine and / or your nerves, timely treatment of your low back pain is necessary. So make an appointment today at Chirowell or call 043-7631250.

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