Chiropractic Founder’s Day

Last week there was something to celebrate: the profession of chiropractor celebrated 121 years. Chiropractic was born on September 18, 1895. dr. D. D. Palmer, a pioneering clinician in Davenport, Iowa, United States, then gave a specific chiropractic treatment to a patient for the first time. That very first chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard. He regularly visited Dr. Palmer and needed specific treatment. He suffered from a bone that was out of alignment, something we call a subluxation in chiropractic. In the course of treatment by Dr. Palmer slowly but surely regained his hearing. He had suffered from hearing loss for about sixteen years.

These clinical results and many more such cases have resulted in the profession being practiced in more than thirty countries today. There are over fifty chiropractic universities and schools around the world. In many countries it is gradually becoming an essential part of general health care. We treat people of all ages: I myself have treated people from newborn to my oldest patient who was 103 years young.

It is really special to help people get rid of their pain, to prevent diseases and to help people lead a vital life.

Chiropractic was actually discovered by thinking from the premise that the human body is an organism that regulates its own health and healing. If you have a subluxation, it increases the risk of tissue damage and imbalance, and the body cannot function properly. We as chiropractors try to alleviate that. We remedy these subluxations to enable the innate self-healing process. The body has an innate intelligence that organizes and maintains the body’s regenerative capacity.

This is not only about pain relief, but also about prevention. Pain is an indication that something has been going wrong for a long time. It is important to have your spine checked regularly to prevent problems and keep your spine and body healthy. Chiropractors use different techniques. I myself use traditional chiropractic techniques, but over the years I have incorporated many other techniques, such as ‘total body modification’ and bioenergetic synchronization techniques, which help me to tackle the subtle aspects as well. These all play a role in the background of the physical subluxations to be treated. I hope all my chiropractic colleagues had a big celebration last week that we have such a great profession and can help others.


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