A lot of stress and out of balance?

Time for action! We need a healthy dose of stress in our lives to function properly. When stress takes over in our lives, it’s time to do something about it. Not only does long-term stress cause all kinds of complaints, your entire body also gets out of balance. So time for action. How do you […]

Chiropractic Founder’s Day

spinal column chiropractic

Last week there was something to celebrate: the profession of chiropractor celebrated 121 years. Chiropractic was born on September 18, 1895. dr. D. D. Palmer, a pioneering clinician in Davenport, Iowa, United States, then gave a specific chiropractic treatment to a patient for the first time. That very first chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard. He […]

5 Ways to Treat Migraines Naturally

5 Manieren Migraine op Natuurlijke Wijze te Behandelen

  Many people suffer from migraines, and that can have a huge impact on their daily functioning. Over the years I have been able to help many patients by using chiropractic treatments and recommending other natural remedies. Below are the five best ways to treat migraines naturally. Take vitamins. A vitamin B complex is a […]